Building Clean, Dry and Healthier Basements with Precast Concrete

Building Clean, Dry and Healthier Basements with Precast Concrete

FlashBack the basements of old days?

numerous were dark, occasionally outright scary. They felt damp, smelled musty and had sword support shafts and exposed pipes running across their length. Reaching to the other end was a hard struggle and you had to crawl your way through with a single exposed light bulb mounted on your head, screw the low ceiling face.


Phew; those were bad recollections


And ask them — your aged family members who had to actually live in homes with those dark, damp and musty basements, and they ’ll tell you how the experience was indeed worse.

Because these basements were not lighted, they were hard to clean and maintain
also they were damp, as they weakened the shapes of homes
Because they smell musty, they affected the inner air quality and caused all feathers of health problems
Thankfully, however, moment we don’t have to put with over with them. Those shaky rail rails, hanging cobwebs and cold wave, breezy air currents have come effects of history. Precast concrete foundation systems have enabled us to make clean, dry, warm and stronger basements that add resale value to our homes and not straits.

Water-resistant construction

The concrete blend used for precast panels is thick than typical concrete, which creates further resistance to water over the long run. This property of precast concrete is helping to keep the basement sot without fresh waterproofing.

Warmer installations

Precast concrete panels have high thermal mass and are isolated throughout, including the superstuds, corners and bond shafts. Special engineering makes these walls thermally isolated and insulated from external rudiments, performing in below- base warmer installations.

Safer and more durable walls

Since the product of precast concrete is carried out in a controlled terrain, it allows the manufacturers to produce stronger concrete fusions than standard walls. Basements make from precast concrete panels are flexible to termites, fire, dry spoilage and natural disasters as compared to other foundation types.

Despite enjoying all these superior characteristics, precast concrete basements are briskly to make than basements constructed from standard concrete, which significantly reduces construction time.


So, if you ’re looking to revitalize your basement with precast concrete, contact Mohan’s Precast at718-7399-199 and set up a free evaluation for your basement needs!

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